The Ledges Golf Course, Saint George, UT

    This is a wedding venue in Saint George, UT. We working with the Ledged Golf Course on quarterly basis and we provide them with commercial window cleaning

    The Glass House

    This is one of the nicest homes we have worked on, not only did we clean their windows but we also detailed their glass railings all around the home, and ensured that everything glass related was spotless

    LifeTime Store in Saint George, Utah

    We are licensed and insured to work with all types of commercial businesses, not just limited to residential clients. We also cleaned a Eye Medical Center windows as well as their 204 solar panels

    Residents of St. George

    We provide quartly cleaning in the Ledges of St. George, UT. This area is one of the top 10 cites with the most projected growth and also top 10 places to start a business.